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We’ve seen it alive in superspy and sci-fi films, but Facial Recognition and its many uses which range from security to socially geared activations are closer than you’d think.

Facial Recognition is quite simply, the implementation of technology which recognizes and identifies faces.  This can be used to at the most conventional level for security purposes, or can be adapted for events and activations by linking its findings to Social Media to initiate conversation and interaction with your audience and fans.

This amazing technology could very well form the basis of the nature of our social interaction in the future, particularly once the use of wearable computing is commercialized. Strangers would become potential friends by a mere glance, and with the added element of micro-expression analysis, not only will we be able to glimpse the online personas of the people around us, but we could also tell their emotions. Micro-expression analysis could prove exceptionally useful for market and event research, while also being a crucial part of security screenings.

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