Facial & Eyeball Tracking


What is an advertisement, activation or marketing concept if it doesn’t evolve to meet the needs of the audience? With Facial & Eyeball Tracking, brands finally have the opportunity to see their work in the eyes of the consumer, through connecting with your audience, measuring your advertisement’s level of exposure as well as the nature of that exposure, and lastly, optimizing your design and message accordingly.

Facial & Eyeball Tracking is a technology which identifies ‘views’ as well as where on a screen the viewer is looking. This can be used in the most basic way which is measuring the number of views an advertisement garners as well as what parts of the ad gather the most attention in order to streamline your ad design and marketing placement, but can be utilized further by implementing the technology to create and curate advertisements and activations that are personal and interactive, initiated by the viewer’s eye and face movements such as gamified or socially geared advertisements.


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